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ASTRID's slimming success

Started eating plan in May 2002

Astrid works with horses and spent her days, mucking out and riding (all that work - you would have expected her to be stick thin).   She was struggling to keep her weight down even though she did all that daily exercise.

Her eating routine was - no breakfast - pub for lunch - take away for tea and a few beers.




She changed to the slim-me-down eating plan and decided she would go "on the wagon" for 1 month.  

She had a good breakfast, meat or fish with veg for lunch, and similar for tea or barbecue.  She started to drink more water. 

She lost a dress size a month.  She was so impressed with the results in the first month that she extended her alcohol ban (except for a few special occasions) for another month.


She was really impressed with her rise in energy levels (she used to feel completely exhausted in the afternoons - she put this down to the many stables she had cleaned and horses she had ridden.)

She was still doing the same work (sometimes more) and she couldn't understand why she felt so full of life!

She lost 15" from round her middle during the 6 months she followed the plan - she was fitting into a size 12 jeans.

She didn't want to get weighed - she used her riding jackets as a measure - going down a full size every six weeks!   As her fat disappeared, from all the right places,  we began to see her firm muscles and excellent shape which had been hidden under the layers of fat.



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