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HEALTHY *** at Garstang - 'absolute' fitness & slimming for ladies


We have over 23 years experience with Toning Table Exercise and have proved over the years that it is the best, safest and most reliable exercise for women of all ages.

An awful lot of rubbish has been talked about toning tables being 'lazy exercise' etc. etc. we know better and will prove this to you on your first visit (free trial).

You will be amazed at the speed with which your muscles will tone and become firmer and stronger, usually within just  10 sessions you will see and feel a positive change in your fitness level and agility.

Prices for using Healthy Toning Equipment March 2017
All sessions must be Pre paid and are (non refundable*)

1 Session at Healthy £5 ........... to book your free trial session call  Joyce on 01995 601183

2 Sessions at Healthy (same week) £9 (save £1)

3 Sessions at Healthy (same week) £13 (save £2)

(Pre paid monthly courses savings on per session price of £5)

1 month (1 session per week) £17 (save £3)

1 month (2 sessions per week) £35 (save £5) minimum use 2 sessions per week

1 month (3 session per week) £50 (save £10) minimum use 2 sessions per week

2 month special opening offer 20 sessions must be taken before  31st Nov. 2014 - £65 saving £35 on single session price of £5

£25 per month - Unlimited use (maximum 3 sessions per week for optimum results) (approx £2 per session) - payable by Standing Order minimum 6 months 

Recommend a friend (get a free session if your friend becomes a member)

*cancellations must be made giving 24 hours notice to receive a refund.


  • In your session your body will do over 2500 repetitions of muscle movement, stretching, relaxing and slimming each muscle to improve its elasticity and strength
  • This continuous working of the muscles is possible because the strain of these workouts is taken by the tables.
  • Your muscles benefit from this concentrated form of exercise, (ie.2500+ repetitions in such a short space of time,) the oxygen taken in by these muscle movements benefits and enriches the blood, increasing your energy levels.
  • The 'passive' type of exercise helps to reduce hypertension and has shown to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Our exercise programmes are available to most women, you cannot use them if you are pregnant or if you have recently had a major operation, without the permission of your doctor or consultant.
  • Mobility and muscle strength can be improved for clients with MS, ME, Lupus, Fibromyalgia.
  • A good way to improve mobility after knee or hip operations.
  • A good way to exercise if you have symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • 'Bad Backs, necks,reduced mobility' can all be improved by the increased muscle strength and tone, (without bulk) quickly achieved by careful use of our equipment.
  • Sessions are monitored to ensure the safety of the exercises and the comfort of each individual.
  • All staff have over 20 years experience with this method of exercise and have encountered and solved most of the problems presented to them.  
  • Please take advantage of our FREE TRIAL (with no obligation) to see what benefits this approach to fitness can bring to your life.

Why do we call it 'ABSOLUTE'  

  1. Our salons provide a total toning of all the body's muscles, aerobic exercise to improve fitness, and a de-stressing workout that can help to reduce hypertension and cholesterol levels.
  2. This is all achieved by the motorised calisthenic exercise of the tables and specially chosen items of aerobic type equipment to improve fitness without strain.
  3. We have proven over the years that you do not have to sweat and strain and potentially damage muscles and joints to get fit.
  4. We know how stressful a womans life can become and your time with us, is a time to have fun, chill and  repair your body, leaving our salon feeling energised and ready to tackle the outside world!
  5. You do not need special clothing, everything is 'low key' - a comfortable pair of trousers or jogging pants, a tee shirt and a pair of socks is all you will need to use our toning tables.
  6. A session can take under 1 hour or you can choose to do more with our other equipment, depending on the time you wish to spend with us.
  7. A modern 'Eating Plan' which works quickly and successfully with the toning regime can be included in your Programme with us - this has been tried and tested by our clients over the last 10 years and has proved extremely successful - inch loss is recorded in the first week (up to 7" total) and while you continue with the plan and the toning exercise,  the inches will melt away until you have reached the dress size you have chosen. Health, digestion, energy levels are all improved using this plan.
  8. Suitable for all the family, this 'Eating Plan' can ensure a healthy, fit family with high immune systems, a definite preventative for type 2 diabetes, a healthy heart, balanced cholesterol, good digestions, less skin and food related behaviour problems for children, could help prevent polysistic ovary syndrome, a great way to keep fit and prevent excess body fat.


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